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Your FREE Foreign Home Buyers' Guide - Step By Step

Catherine Olive, San Diego realtor,
international buyer and seller expert

If you’re planning a move to the US you might be wondering:
Can foreigners buy property in the USA to live?
Alternatively, if you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio and want to know:
Can foreigners buy rental property in the USA? 

I asked myself all those questions and more when I bought my first home, and later again new questions when I sold that home.
I got into real estate so no foreign nationals go through buying or selling, lost, unprepared and uneducated! 
I will guide you through all the rules for foreigners buying a property in the USA, and the process for purchasing and selling a U.S home or investment property.

What To Expect When Working With Me.

 It all starts with a Complimentary Consultation to walk you through the steps, address your questions, and gain a better understanding of your unique situation.
Once we begin working together, I'll provide continuous support and education throughout the entire process.

Your Own Personalized Experience.

Every situation is unique. After our initial consultation, we'll create a personalized plan. From there, I'll handle the heavy lifting, guiding you—whether you're a buyer or seller—through the entire process, addressing any unexpected circumstances to ensure a seamless closing.

Your Partner & Trusted Advisor; Before, During and After.
I'm committed to your success, and my support doesn't end at closing. You'll have access to my extensive network of trusted vendors and professionals, ensuring a seamless and stress-free transition to life in San Diego or return to your home country.

about catherine olive

my story

I’m originally from Paris, France and moved to the U.S. as an international student, earning a BS in Business Administration and Finance from Villanova University.

After holding various international marketing positions for global corporations, I earned my real estate license and established a multi-million private real estate investment fund to serve my clients..

Interestingly, what I've discovered to be exceptionally beneficial in assisting my clients is the experience of being the mother of triplets. Now, with them in their teenage years, this holds even more true.

Being a mother of triplets has equipped me with the essential qualities needed in real estate - sharp negotiation skills, multitasking ability, superb time management, the patience of a saint, attentive listening skills, an unflappable nature, and an uncanny knack for swiftly solving problems with minimal drama.

These are all qualities that have served me well as a realtor – and qualities that my clients really appreciate.

You could say that “wearing all the hats” comes second nature. So does my genuine desire to help people who are in the exact same position I was in when I moved to San Diego. And also before that, when I came to the U.S. as a teenager on my own. 

Embarking on a move, whether it involves the purchase or sale of a property, domestically or internationally, doesn't have to be overwhelming.

By partnering with me, you can expect a seamless experience infused with my unique combination of expertise, diligence, empathy, and insightful guidance.

So, let’s do this! Aller on y va!
Et oui :-)  je parle français.
Bonus: On peut faire tout ca tout en profitant de la compagnie d’une française amicale et competente.